Shoot Your films with a real crew and a real camera. We now own an Arri Alexa for YOU to shoot with!

Hands-on training. Learn by doing. Make your own films right away in first semester. You will learn:

Directing, Producing, Scriptwriting, Storyboards, Location Scouting, Physical Effects, Wardrobe, Lights, Camera, Cinematography, Grip Equipment, Editing, Sound Recording and Mixing, Special Effects, Art Direction, Production Design, Film Business, Photography, and more.....

OUR GRADS WORK: Man of Steel, Godzilla, Captain America Winter Soldier, Corner Gas, Degrassi, Flashpoint, Trailer Park Boys, and many, many more.

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We think we are THE BEST FILM SCHOOL in Canada - here’s why:

1. You get to make YOUR OWN films right away in first semester. Every student will make up to 4 films, plus docs, commercials, music videos and much more. The best way to learn filmmaking is to make movies.
2. You will shoot on excellent, professional cameras, including the ARRIFLEX ALEXA. The Alexa is used to shoot Hollywood films such as American Sniper, Birman, Gravity, Skyfall, World War Z, Wolf of Wall Street, and was used by nearly every single Cinematography, Directing, and Best Picture nominee for the 2015 Oscars. Renting an Alexa package for a few days costs about as much as your entire tuition. We own one. You can use it.
3. WE own all of our film equipment - no need to rent any equipment to shoot. At other schools you might have to pay a lot of extra money to rent the gear you need. Watch the video about our gear.
4. Many new ‘film schools’ have opened in the last few years, but Conflix has been around since 1970. Grads of our program have worked in the industry from coast to coast and around the world for 46 years. We are a 2-year program and as such we are among the least expensive film programs in Canada. For the latest information on tuition fees and other costs, please go to We are one of the least expensive, yet have the most ‘stuff’ and make the most films by far. We even have a full size production vehicle for you and your crew to head out to locations with. We pay for the gas and insurance too.
5. You have 24hours, 7days a week access to our facility and equipment. We also have a dedicated COLOUR Room with a 63 inch 4K screen for adding FX to alter the ‘Look’ of your film with Davinci Resolve.
6. We own professional lenses, lighting gear, dollies, tripods, jib arms, and camera equipment! We have more cameras, grip equipment, and post production resources than just about any other film program anywhere, and probably the best ‘equipment to student ratio’ in Canada. Take the virtual tour!
7. We have 50 editing workstations and five separate professional private editing suites for editing, surround mixing, FX, colour grading and much more. Each of our five private edit suites is equipped with the new cylindrical mac pro fully 4K ready.
8. You’ll get HANDS-ON training. Learn by doing! Write, plan,shoot, direct, edit, mix, deliver! Do it again and again.
9. The Confederation College Film Program likely produces as many or more FILMS in one year than all the other film schools in Canada combined! And that’s not including documentaries, commercials, music videos, etc… easily over 150 films every year.
10. FILM NIGHT - at the end of the school year, all of the films are showcased to the entire community on the big screen at the local Silver City Cineplex. Imagine seeing YOUR film on the big screen with big sound for a large enthusiastic crowd. Most filmmakers will never get to see their on the big screen like that.
11. Simple application process: no essays to write, no interviews, no portfolios needed. Just apply!
12. Make lasting friendships and become part of a culture that encourages your individual creativity.
13. Class Trip to Toronto! In the fourth semester the entire second year class heads to Toronto for a week. We’ll pay for your hotel! We will explore the industry, make contacts, do some networking, and meet some of our many grads working in the business.
Most other film schools do not permit each and every student to make their own films. At Confederation College, each student will make their very own films as well as work on many others. Other students will ‘crew up’ to help you make your film, and YOU will crew on many other films - in a variety of positions. Learn by doing! Small classes ensure direct contact with our highly qualified, highly committed and field-experienced teaching staff. If you’re interested in this program apply early (before February 1st), but you can also apply after that too.

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